Play Cornhole Game To Improve Your Night With Your Family

One of the best way to spend your night with your companions or family is by playing this one game to liven up your gathering, a cornhole game. Cornhole or otherwise called baggo or just bags is a bean bag hurling game that played at numerous colleges, events and family party around the country. The objective of this game is toss the bean bags and get them into a hole in the board. Therefore , I will give you a step by step guide on the best way to play your own cornhole game properly.


The first step is building the board for cornhole. You will need a sheet of plywood that have 24 inches by 48 inches dimension. This size is according standard size of the American cornhole organization (ACO), therefore if you want to . Make sure to draw hole no less than 12 inches from one sides and 9 inches from the end of the board. At that point, drill the hole and cut the hole on the board for cornhole game. You may need to put the legs then painting the boards according to your inclinations.


Then, you will need to make your own beans bag. You should make your own bean bags by cutting 7 inches square of duck fabric then sew them together to make your own particular bean bags. Else, you can just buy cornhole bags on the market or online store for the best cornhole bags you can utilize. At that point, you should add 15.5 of feed corn to every bags, you can utilize digital baking scale to help you weight 15.5 ounces. Make sure to put cornhole scoreboard in the place where people able to watch it while playing the games.


The following step is playing the cornhole bags. You can play this game with your companions, family or anybody. The objective of your game is by putting the bean bags as close or inside the hole by throwing it. You can add more regulation in case you need costumize and make the game more fun according to your requirements.

Nail design


In human body nail has the important part of our body, nail also helps us in many reason to our body, and nail also makes thebody outlooks beauty. In the human body nail present in two parts toenail and finger nail, in this two toenail has a little hard and finger nail has soft, here we will discussed about the finger nail as it has unique design.

Nail design is the most interesting things for the women more than men, most of the women are very many fonts of style and design in different type it may be in skincare and hair, so, nail design is one of the best designs for women. Nail also has twopartsof long nail design and short nail design,

For the short nails design you don’t need to go ladies parlors and any skill to look trend.  Here we have the best design of nails for everyone.

Some of the short nails design

  • Black and white with borderline

This black and white design look simple and the bordered design make the nails amazing with two combo color. There are also different combo colors like grey and white, pink and black or white all this colors looks gorgeous.


  • Pink spring with cherry blossom nails design

This design looks and match for the short nails it looks lovely with blossom.


  • Gold Polka dot and black

This design looks cute with black, gold and nude. Generally it is a perfect design for New Year time.


  • Orange flower design

In this design your nails looks cute with peach color nail design.


  • Pink colors Ombre nails design

It is chicks and simple and in this way you can create and design with your favorite colors.


  • Puzzle with black and white

This design is uncommon design but interesting design for short nail. It is complicated looks.


So, the shot nail design has a best design to create the nail in different design with variety of colors. This is also one of the most attractive designs for short nails.

Some design for long nails

Long nail design also in different type, most of the women like long nails to design. Here is some of the long nails design for women:

  • Pink with attitude design

This design got inspired by many girls because the design is simple and looks amazing with colors.


  • Purple Rain design

This design has the best looks for the long nails, with different colors.


  • Natural nude design

It is simple and looks gorgeous for the long nails, this design has matching Combination with every women.


  • Simple dots nails design

This simple dots nails design with pink colors or can be use different colors and paint a simple dots. This design is lovely to see for the long nails.


  • Rainbow brite nail design

This type of design is mostly use in party occasion, and it has the design of fully rainbow style. It looks very bright abs awesome for long nails.


This are the design of long nails for women, they have the unique design of long nails like a short nail.

As we have all discuss about the nails design  with long and short nails on the above written articles, thereby if you have any doubt or question about the short design or long nails design you are free to type you problems below we are always ready to answer your question.

Changes between New and Old Bollywood Movies



It has been said that Bollywood is the movie capital of the world. Bollywood movies are known for their style and intrigue, ranging from romantic based themes to comedies or even tragedies. Over the past few decades, Bollywood movies have changed. How do the new Bollywood movies stand up against the old Bollywood movies on Indian TV channels?

In comparison, during the era of black and white movies, Bollywood did not put a main emphasis on having women as a leading role. It only makes sense that as times have changed, new Bollywood now feature women in leading roles and star positions. This is similar to the idea that in today’s newer movies, themes that were once considered “taboo” are used more often. People are now more aware of the changes in the environment, people and culture, which allows for more themes to present it within Bollywood movies, especially through online TV distribution. Previously, these were shown live, but not as much as they are shown through live TV or online streaming.

Previously, Bollywood were filmed only in Bombay (which is now known as Mumbai). However, as times have changed, newer movies are filmed in various locations, wherever a location may be possible to shoot. Previously, movies were also themed towards romance or tragedy, whereas today’s films are geared towards the topics of overseas distribution and international markets. Sound and visual effects have also improved over the years, which is most likely due to the increase of film budgets.

In previous times, Bollywood movies also featured more visual dances, music and songs. In today’s movies, the old Bollywood fashion of music and songs have improved, but are not as elaborate as they used to be. There are many different fans of both the old and new Bollywood movies. As the internet world has developed, Bollywood movies have been able to be streamed through online TV across the world. As the movies are shown worldwide, they also gain popularity in different cultures and across different countries. Live TV streaming ofIndian TV channelsallowed Bollywood movies, both new and old, to reach into the homes of viewers that may have not heard of nor had the opportunity to enjoy previously.

Bollywood movies, new and old, all have their pros and cons. Do you think that the new Bollywood movies stand up the old Bollywood movies? The answer could go either way depending on the person’s interests or tastes. Either way, there is one thing that we do know for certain. Bollywood movies will never just be a thing of the past. Bollywood movies are more popular than ever and their popularity continues to grow year after year.

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The Choice For Online Information Over Tradtional Papers


The advent of engineering has everybody getting as a way of growing their companies using the aid of the technology era into the Web. One of the top companies which have used this strategy is the fact that of book and papers, providing a web-based counterpart of the particular guides that many individuals sent straight in the doorsteps or are used-to purchasing at their regional newsstands.

To kind, individuals merely need using the introduction of engineering the URL target of the paper that is favored, and they’ll really observe info and comparable information from studying real papers they get. Such hasbeen the situation for nearby papers, for example The Daily Inquirer and Also Manila Message within the Philippines. The internet access’ advantage is the fact that they therefore are more complex prior to the real book is gotten postpone and may be quickly updated. Continue reading The Choice For Online Information Over Tradtional Papers

Online Entertainment Coupon Book

Buying could be fun particularly when you purchase anything for under its original price. But for less finding anything isn’t possible-all time. There can be instances when you may end up getting a costly package. Among the best methods to keep your hard earned cash is to use entertainment coupon book.

This coupon book provides savings on numerous entertainment stuffs like books, activities, holidays, restaurants, leisure activities and much more. The fundamental concept of an entertainment coupon book would be to save more income whenever you venture out to savor together with your beloved ones. All of the deals within the discount book are entertainment-related and therefore are proficient at theaters, themeparks, restaurants and much more.

To use for an activity guide
Entertainment coupon book has created onlineshopping inexpensive and much easier. You can find quantity of sites that provide an entertainment coupon book’s support. All you’ve got to complete is merely input the support as well as your zipcode can show the entertainment coupon book for the area.

Simply provide these coupons to participating company, E There’s $1000 in regional savings in most book, to make use of these deals and obtain the discount. Save upto 50% and obtain 2-for-1 offers at top restaurants, sports, attractions, stores and much more.
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E along with Entertainment Book coupons, you will find members only printable coupons and online offers. You obtain specific online shopping savings from leading merchants and may print coupons from your PC. Plus, you will get even more and unlimited movie ticket discounts, food discounts, hotel discounts as high as 70% off prices, online deals for vacation discounts.